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When I got the Blackwidow X Chroma in I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect, was it going to be more of the same from Razer or something completely different. In the end it ended up being a little of both. They managed to completely change up the Blackwidow with a new aluminum design while still having the same shape and look at before. The new design looks and feels little nicer than the plastic Blackwidows and I think a lot of people are going to like the floating key design when it comes time to clean out their keyboards. They cut out the macro keys and I think that was a good call as it saves desk space but they ended up still going thicker on the side bezels, losing a lot of the space they gained.

Just like the previous Chroma keyboards, I completely love the backlighting on the Blackwidow X Chroma. Razer gives you bright backlighting, a huge selection of lighting effects that you can download, and full RGB to get the exact colors you prefer. The floating key design of the keyboard also means there is a lot of light bleeding out around the keys now but I think it looks great. The Synapsis software has grown so much over the years and is packed full of features now. I do think that it is starting to feel very fragmented and unorganized though. I hope they consider a few of the changes I mentioned in our software section. The other issue I ran into was a very squeaky spacebar, I’m sure it’s a one off issue but I know it would drive a lot of people crazy if they don’t know how to lubricate it.

So is the Blackwidow X Chroma the keyboard to get? I do think this is the strongest Razer keyboard they have ever design. The all-aluminum design really ups the construction and feel. At just under $160 currently it is a little on the pricey side. The normal Blackwidow Chroma has a higher MSRP but is currently selling a little cheaper. That said when we compare it to the Corsair K70’s that also have RGB and a similar all aluminum design the Blackwidow X Chroma is priced less. If you want a name brand aluminum keyboard the Blackwidow X Chroma is the better deal. For me, I’m really hoping they bring out one with their orange switches for a little quieter experience, just to keep my wife from going insane.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37935 08 Jun 2016 18:12
Today I take a look at Razers new Blackwidow X Chroma with its aluminum design

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