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So like I said in the opening, I’ve been looking forward to checking out what had everyone so excited with 1Up Keyboards. Well now that I have had a chance to check their keyboard sleeve out in person I can see exactly why they have been very popular in the keyboard communities. The thing is, a lot of people make keyboard sleeves, but I doubt that most would be able to put out a product of this quality. I love that the sleeve is spill proof but it was the overall build quality with the stitching that I was most impressed with. The fleece liner inside makes me a little jealous of my keyboard when its tucked away inside and it helps give it a touch of padding for additional protection. The drawstring not closing up all the way was the only issue I had with the sleeve and it wasn’t a deal breaker at all.

I almost need 1Up to make a cover for my open air LAN rig case, especially with it raining when I’m unloading or loading up at LANs more often than not. So is a 1Up Keyboards sleeve a good pickup for LAN goers? Well I for one am loving it for my Pok3r but I think it really depends on your setup. At most events I see a lot of people walking in with their new mechanical keyboards tucked up under their arm, the 1Up Keyboards sleeve would benefit them a lot, but most people who already have a big bag for everything it might be a little overkill. What about the price? Well at $40 I can’t really call it a high value product, but I do think it is priced about where it should be given the high quality and that it is custom made. With 1Up actually having the same price across all of their sleeves it actually goes up in value for the larger keyboards like the full sized and Model M sleeves. All in all, if you love your keyboard or keyboards a little more than you should like I do, then why wouldn’t you tuck it away at night in a cozy 1Up Keyboards sleeve!


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37930 27 May 2016 13:39
Happy Friday everyone, today I take a look at keyboard sleeves from 1 Up Keyboards. People that take their keyboard to and from work, their friends, or to LANs should check them out

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