For software Gamdias uses an all in one program that covers their entire product lineup. This is something I always love seeing. It is a great indicator that a company isn’t running out of the box OEM solutions for one and it also means they are investing a lot of development time and money into their software. More time and money normally translates to better usability. So the software they run is called Hera and once you download it there is no need to install it, the executable runs right out of the folder. When open it boots up to a home page with a picture of the Hermes RGB in the middle. Down along the bottom is another photo, the small photo is where you will find and flip through all of your Gamdias products if you have them hooked up. The home page is the key assignment page where you can click on any key on the keyboards photo and set it to run one of your recorded macros or assign it a different than stock function. We can also see over on the right that we can quickly flip between the six different profiles as well anytime its needed.

software 1

On the macro page we can edit and record new or old macros over on the right. On the left you can flip through all of your past macro recordings.

software 2

For me the main reason I want access to the software is to gain full control over the RGB lighting on the Hermes RGB. The Keyboard Luminance page gets us that. Here we have the same photo in the middle only this time each key has its backlighting color. You can pick from a few default layouts over in the bottom left> In the bottom is a drop down menu where you can pick other lighting effect modes like the wave. You can also change the effect speed up and down, its direction, and how bright the backlighting is. If effects aren’t your thing you can click on single keys or drag and select multiple keys and apply any color you want.

software 3

software 8

software 9

software 10

The next menu is unique. Gamdias lets you program or record timers and sounds that you can bind to specific keys. I’ve never seen this functionality before. I’m not sure how useful it will be, but I love seeing companies trying new things.

software 4

software 5

software 6

The last page shows us things like the software and firmware versions and even lets us check for firmware updates as well.

software 7


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37920 13 May 2016 19:58
Today I check out the Hermes RGB from Gamdias

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