One of the features that really sets most of Cooler Masters keyboards apart is their ability to run without software. While the Masterkeys Pro S is capable of this as well they did still put together a small software program for it. Installing the software for the Pro S is as simple as downloading a zip file with the executable in it. The install has a custom install screen that will run you through everything quickly and once it is finished it will also check and install the most recent firmware as well.

software 1

software 2

Once installed and updated the program is right to the point really. This software doesn’t handle macros or anything like that, it simply gives more control over the RGB backlighting. Here we have a photo of the keyboard and the RGB sliders over on the right. On the bottom left you have a list of all of the LED modes, with them you can turn each LED mode on and off removing or adding them to the modes you flip through using Fn + F4.

software 3

You can adjust most of the colors in the different lighting modes but I think the most interesting is the full customization page where you can set different colors to each key. You do this by setting the color on the right and then click the key or drag to select multiple keys. To match our Troubled Minds keycap set I even went through and set each backlight to perfectly match each keycap that it is under.

software 4

software 6

The second tab up top lets us save and import profiles. The keyboard saves your 4 profiles in its onboard memory as it is but if you want to share a profile or maybe you want to copy the profile over to a second Pro S then you have theoption.

software 5


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37877 06 Apr 2016 17:49
Today we revisit the Masterkeys Pro but this time the TKL Pro S model. To spice things up I also swap out the keys with a new keyset as well.

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