Along with the new MasterKeys branding that drops the Quickfire namesake that Cooler Master has used with a lot of their keyboards in the past, the packaging has changed a little as well. The new look is a little cleaner and it also matches the MasterCase lineup of cases. Up top you have a dark grey background with a photo of the full keyboard with its RGB lighting lit up across the top. They have the MasterKeys Pro L name over on the left and down along the bottom are a few key features. Namely they highlight the RGB backlighting and that they have Cherry MX switches. The switch for our specific sample is also there with a sticker showing the red switch. Around on the back things are simple as well. Here they have a photo of the keyboard broken down by its multiple layers to show the backplate, PCB, and switches. They also talk a little about the key features down in the bottom half in multiple languages.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box things haven’t changed a bit from the XTI and others. The keyboard comes in a thin microfiber bag that keeps it from getting scuffed up or dirty. Then all of the accessories including the removable USB cable are up in the cardboard section along the back edge. You get a small user guide but the two important things here are the USB cord and the wire keycap remover. Seeing the keycap remover is especially great because most companies don’t really encourage people to remove their keycaps and when they do they just include the cheap plastic puller that scratches your caps. This puller is just like the other wire keycap pullers that you can pick up online for about $6 adding a little value to the MasterKeys Pro L.

image 3

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COoler Master took their time entering the RGB market, was it worth the wait? Check out my review today to find out

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