For me, even with a good product it’s the software that typically makes or breaks a good product these days. It isn’t because I love software, frankly if I had my way I would rather plug my devices in and go, but it is normally what sets apart good products from great products. Being the first mouse that Patriot has sold I didn’t exactly have high hopes with the software on the V560. So when I opened it up and found a fairly mature product I was very surprised. It doesn’t have any of the integrations we look for from people like Logitech and Razer where you can control all of their products using one program. But It also doesn’t feel weird, clunky, or slow. The overlay is clean and everything is broken down into a few pages. The first page has all of the different profiles and a photo of the mouse with lines pointing to each of the buttons. From there you can click on any box and change what that button does with all of the normal options including macros. To do that they have photos where most only use a drop down menu with little to no explanation what each does. We can also click on each profile and set the LED lighting color, it’s not an infinite number of color combinations but it should be enough to get very close to what you are looking for.

software 1

software 2

software 6

The sensor page is right to the point as well. Here you can see all of the DPI profiles and you can set the X and Y axis DPI together or independently depending on your preference. They also have an option called auto that seems to basically add acceleration depending on how you move the mouse, most gamers won’t like that though because it is harder to know exactly how the mouse will react.

software 3

Then there is a macro tab where you can record and edit macros to pull up back on the buttons page when programing what each of the mouse buttons does. You can record with and without delays and dig in and change the delays yourself as well.

software 4

Last but not least is the settings page. Here we can get to the polling rate, turn angle snapping off, and backup and restore profiles.

software 5

The software for the V360 headset however is the exact opposite as the V560 mouse. It has the same theme but there are basically no controls at all. We can adjust the same settings that windows lets us get at. Even without really any useable functions the software still feels clunky, I wouldn’t even bother installing it as the headset works just fine without the software all together.

software 7

software 8

software 9


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37689 22 Feb 2016 16:00
Today I check out a headset and gaming mouse from Patriot, hope everyone had a nice weekend

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