For the packaging on both the mouse and the headset Patriot went with the standard “gaming” product colors red and black. They have it fade from red down to black with a snake skill in the red. Both boxes have a photo of the product on the front as well as the Viper branding up in the corner but only the headset has a window visible all of the time. The V560 mouse does open up though to give us access to the mouse as well. You can not only see it but get an idea of its size as well. Also on the inside of the mouse packaging is a little more information. Here they show that the mouse can have multiple LED colors, the add in weights, replaceable size shapes, as well as the ceramic feet. Around on the back both devices again have photos. This time though they have lines highlighting different features and in the case of the V560 mouse there are pictures from two different angles to cover everything. The V360 headset has a list of specifications for both the speakers and the microphone, in fact this is more than you will find on the Patriot website.

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Inside the box for the V560 mouse you get a few documents. They give you a page on the viper lineup and then a one-page front and back quick start guide. Its weird not seeing stacks of papers for warranty information or a long user guide. Typically, you get a lot, or nothing at all. You also get two red with a transparent background Viper logo sticker. Along with the mouse, they also include a second replacement side panel for the right side of the mouse. There is also a small round container with weights packed into the formed plastic packaging that is a little bit of a pain to get out.

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Inside the V360 Headsets box, in addition to the headset itself you get a soft microfiber carrying bag with the Viper logo on it. Just like the V560, the V360 comes with two Viper stickers and documentation on the Viper line as well as a one page quick start guide to help you get going.

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Today I check out a headset and gaming mouse from Patriot, hope everyone had a nice weekend

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