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There are only a few things to take note of regarding the retail packaging of the ThunderStorm, the first of which would be the yarn handle. Admittedly it probably won’t see a lot of use once you walk out of the store with it (personally I pack the entire box into my LAN bag) but it’s there if you need it, say if you’re trying to carry everything into someone’s house or a building in one trip. The art of the box isn’t obnoxious and inside the mousepad sits snuggly in a form-fit piece of soft foam. You’ll find a cleaning cloth and some adhesive tape tucked under the pad as well.

image 1

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You should notice one of the ThunderStorm’s unique features, the shape, right away. It may seem like a novelty attempt to break the traditional rectangle mold, but the designed function is creating an edge to allow the keyboard more flexibility than just straight up and down or parallel with the pad. Each side also features a different finish: the “Control Surface” (pictured with the dragon logo) with a rougher, hairline finish and the “Speed Surface” (pictured with the MSI Gaming badge) with a smoother, microtexture finish. In theory, the two surfaces should break down to one that provides a bit more movement resistance and trackability for high-sensitivity mice while the other allows the mouse feet to glide and is suited for lower sensitivity mice.

image 9

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