I’ll be honest, being a new company and this being their only keyboard I was expecting  bare brown box for the keyboard. Surprisingly the ES-87 came in a black box with the KeyedUpLabs logo printed up on the top in a blue fade.

image 1

Inside when you open everything up the keyboard is right up top but they shipped It with a formed plastic cover over the keyboard. To keep the keyboard from moving around there is folded cardboard on each end inside as well. Once we pull the keyboard out we can see that it also holds the keyboard up slightly so they could put a few things like the USB cord up under it.

image 2

image 3

So the ES-87 comes with a removable USB cord as well as a small plastic keycap remover, and a USB to PS2 adapter. KUL also includes a small microfiber cloth with their logo on it in a tiny plastic bag as well. Also included is a small baggie of optional keycaps as well like a smaller capslock that replaces your control, a control that replaces the capslock, swappable escape and tilde keys, and backspace and backslash to get configurations that different people prefer.

image 4

image 5

image 6

For documentation the ES-87 comes with just one small paper that thanks you for your purchase and goes over the warranty and dip switches inside. I touched on it before but I love that the ES-87 ships with a keyboard dust cover, people pay a lot of money for dust covers that don’t fit well and this comes with one that fits perfectly!

image 7

image 8

In addition to the keyboard KUL shipped three different casing colors with the ES-87 because one of the things that really caught my eye was the ability to be able to customize the ES-87. The packaging for the cases was a lot simpler than the keyboard. They each come in a brown box with just a sticker that explains what color is inside as well as the model number and UPC. Inside of each box the cover comes wrapped up in plastic and fits perfectly inside of each box.

image 27

image 28

image 29


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With registration opening why not take a look at a TKL keyboard that I think is a great way to add a little personalization to your setup at the next LAN. Check out the ES-87 from KeyedUpLabs

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