When it comes to keyboards it feels like after all of these years the only thing that manufactures can do is work with lighting to make their keyboards stand out. Recently though I came across a fairly new company who only makes one keyboard but still caught my attention. KeyedUpLabs only sells the ES-87, a tenkeyless keyboard. It doesn’t have backlighting or anything else flashy. Instead they have focused on making a keyboard without cutting corners to get the highest quality with a simple design. What stood out to me though was a small feature where the keyboards case can actually be replaced with a variety of cases in different colors. Being a TKL keyboard this stood out to me as a great way to match your keyboard with your build or with a different keyset put a little of your own personality into your keyboard, much like how we do with our PC builds. Because of that I reached out and KeyedUpLabs sent over a keyboard as well as a few different cases and I set out to customize the ES-87 to match my wifes personality as the ES-87 would be her LAN keyboard.

Product Name: KeyedUpLabs ES-87 TLK Keyboard

Review Sample Provided by: KeyedUpLabs

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes

Amazon link: HERE


Layout "Tenkeyless" 87-key US ANSI layout w/US English legends
Key Switches Authentic Cherry MX Switches w/4mm keystroke and Gold-Silver (AuAg10) contacts; rated up to 50 million keypresses
OS Support MS Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux/Unix Compatible
Electrical Interface USB 1.1 Low Speed and PS/2 with included passive interface
Cable Detachable 2.0m A to Mini-B USB cable
Dim/Weight 364 x 144 x 37mm (50mm with feet down) / 1.0kg
Keycaps ABS keycaps with lasered legends; key-pitch 19.05mm
Illumination Low Intensity Blue LEDs on Caps Lock, Left Ctrl, Esc, and Scroll Lock keys
Power Requirements 150mW (5V @ 30mA)
Certifications CE & FCC
Warranty / Origin 2 years parts and labor / Made in Taiwan


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #37533 08 Jan 2016 23:16
With registration opening why not take a look at a TKL keyboard that I think is a great way to add a little personalization to your setup at the next LAN. Check out the ES-87 from KeyedUpLabs

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