Like a lot of the enthusiast focused keyboards on the market, Keycool didn’t exactly go crazy on the packaging for the Hero 84. In fact it comes in a brown box and on the top you just have the Keycool logo printed on it. The back is similar with CE and FCC logos on it as well as some information in Chinese. We really don’t know what we are working with until we open everything up actually. The keyboard comes wrapped up in a plastic bag. All of the accessories are tucked away up under the cardboard flap and the cardboard pulls double duty by keeping he keyboard from moving around.

image 1

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For accessories we get a white detachable USB cable. I love that the cord comes with a Velcro strap already attached rather than using twist ties like most companies do. This way if you pack it back up later or take it with you you can keep the cord under control. Along with the cord you do get a USB to PS2 adapter for those looking for NKRO. We also get a bright blue plastic keycap puller. For documentation there was just a small brochure.

image 4

image 5

Along with the plastic bag that they wrapped the keyboard up in, when I pulled it out I also noticed that it comes with a nice clear plastic cover on it. This is additional protection in shipping and is also a dust cover for when you aren’t using it. Given the unique design its not like you are going to find many covers that will keep the keyboard clean.

image 6

image 7


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Today I take a look at something a little different. A Keyboard with its size being similar to the 60% keyboards but with nearly all of the keys that you would find on a TKL. Enjoy!

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