Well Epicgear has the generic gamer keyboard styling going on with the box for the Dezimator X. The cover has a large photo of the keyboard across it with a red and blue glow behind it. Then in background it has matching red and blue artwork that looks like it would be airbrushed on a devil inspired car. Down in the bottom left corner we have the Epicgear branding as well as the Dezimator X logo. The back of the box has another photo of the keyboard, this time a little smaller but there are lines to each of its key features. They also have specification listings in nine different languages for that worldwide marketability. The box is large, much larger than most if not all of the keyboards we have in the office but they did at least put a handle up on the top to help tote it around.

image 1

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I really dig what they have going on inside of the packaging. The keyboard comes with a microfiber cloth that runs the length of the keyboard and is actually strapped to the keyboard with elastic straps. This keeps everything clean and avoids having to use a plastic bag and also gives you something to keep the keyboard clean with. He keyboard floats in the middle with two large foam panels holding it up on each end. The cord is tucked up into the cardboard on the back as well.

image 3

image 4

Up under the keyboard you do get a little documentation. They include a Multilanguage guide with a page for each language. The guide is made of a heavy duty laminated paper. Inside along with the information they include a plastic key puller. With some of the companies giving people a hard time if they remove their keycaps and have issues, it is nice to see Epicgear embrace it a little. They also include a few bright colored Epicgear stickers as well.

image 29

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36829 15 Jul 2015 18:10
Today I take a look at a keyboard that is launching for the first time in the US today, the Dezimator X check it out.

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