Sadly there just isn’t a good way to make a full RGB keyboard without software, especially one with individual key control. So for the software on the Lobera Spectrum it is especially important that it work well. When I opened it up my initial impression was about the same as previuos Tesoro keyboard. They tossed a skin over their program to give it a specific look but I would personally prefer a basic looking program that is just simple to navigate. The skin over the software makes things a little more complicated but you should be able to figure it out. The first screen you land on has a photo of a keyboard, oddly enough not the Lobera like in previous reviews, but none the less the keyboard is the main portion of the screen. Up top we can flip through PC Mode and all of the keyboards profiles. PCMode means the settings are saved on your PC so if you want to program something to work on any PC you hook the keyboard up too you will need to use the profiles.

software 1

I jumped right into how to control our lighting profiles because on an RGB keyboard that is what most people are going to be looking for in the software. The lighting effects button was much easier to find than last time. When I open it up I can pick from nine different lighting modes including a spectrum mode that rolls through the colors, an audio mode that reacts to your music, and even modes like the fireworks that react to you typing. On some of the modes you can click on the specific keys that you want to work with and set the color of that specific key. The lighting controls aren’t on the same level as the SteelSeries M800 that I reviewed a while back where you can really go crazy with them making any custom effects you want. That said at least we have a few options.

software 2

software 3

software 6

Beyond lighting we can still click on any key on the keyboard and program that key to act as a different key, open up a program, or to run a full macro that you can also record in the software as well. None of those things are basic, but they are the features you come to expect from any gaming keyboard with software these days.

software 4

software 5


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I hope everyone is having a nice week, today I take a look at Tesoro's individual key RGB Lobera. Enjoy

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