The packaging for the Lobera Spectrum has a large photo of the keyboard on the cover in a gloss finish. The background has a flat finish with a purple texture. Up in the top left corner you have the Tesoro logo as well as the Lobera Spectrum logos. All three have a completely different look/font, I’m surprised they didn’t try to keep the Lobera and Spectrum a little closer matching. In the bottom left corner we have Spectrum again, but this time with the full RGB color spectrum , come to think of it I think this logo with all of the color would look better up top with the logos and show what the keyboard is a little better. Then down in the bottom right corner we have a note saying that this is an RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard along with a few small icons that represent different keyboard features.

image 1

On the back of the packaging they did the same thing with the flat finish for the background and a gloss finish for the large keyboard photo. This time the keyboard photo is actually from above the keyboard and this lets them run lines to each of the keyboards features to put little notes about what each feature is. Also on the back is a small section about the keyswitches and then another with a photo of the included software.

image 2

Inside the keyboard is wrapped up in a foam bag and then on each end we have U shaped foam pads keeping everything in place and protected. Along the back of the box there is a cardboard section where the cord is all tucked away.

image 3

Inside the box, beyond the keyboard itself we have a small folder and a USB power cord. The power cord is a secondary power cord for when you need to feed additional power into the built in USB 2.0 hub. This along with the two USB power plugs on the cord give you the power to push other power hungry devices. Typically a lot of the keyboards that have a power plug for their built in USB hub don’t come with a cord at all so it is a pleasant surprise to see it this time. For documentation the folder has a location for a drive/software disc but there isn’t one included. Then there is a pwperwork pouch, here you get two small books from Tesoro.

image 4

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36696 10 Jun 2015 18:44
I hope everyone is having a nice week, today I take a look at Tesoro's individual key RGB Lobera. Enjoy

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