For testing I have been using the MX-Board 3.0 as my main keyboard for a few weeks now. This gives me a nice range of testing from gaming as well as a lot of writing. Considering browns are my preferred switch, I was able to jump on the MX-Board 3.0 and had no issues right away. The lower profile design was really the only adjustment but even that wasn’t to difficult to adjust too. The flat keycap profile is similar to the DSA keycaps that I run on my Novatouch and a few other keyboards. The clean look and solid feel of the board made swapping from the Code keyboard that I use day to day simple. Really the only thing I missed was the backlit keys, if this keyboard had backlighting It would be just as at home on my desk as my daily driver.

Some people might find the MX-Board 3.0 a little boring, but that clean look is what I have been preferring in my own keyboards recently. The easy to read legends are also a nice bonus as well. I’m also really glad they didn’t try to pack the volume controls in as a function. I am a lot more likely to use a volume control if it is easy to see and get too, the only time you will find me using a function key for anything on a keyboard is when it controls backlighting settings. Functions typically require me to stop and think about what I’m doing and in that time it is normally just as easy to just use the in windows controls or the knob on my speakers.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36598 10 Apr 2015 19:07
Happy Friday everyone. Before we head over to MLG for the weekend I wanted to post up my Friday review. Today I take a look at a keyboard from Cherry, the MX-Board 3.0. Enjoy!

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