The packaging for the Cherry MX-Board 3.0 consists of a box that is about the same width as the keyboard and slightly longer. The box has a black and blue theme with a few circle shapes around drawings of Cherry MX keyswitches. In the foreground Cherry included a photo of the keyboard itself. Around on the back you get a full photo of the keyboard to show the key layout and they have highlighted a few key features in multiple languages. Cherry also includes information on all four of the keyswitches available in the MX-Board 3.0. Our sample has browns, but you can also get blues, reds, and blacks. 

image 1

image 6

Inside the keyboard sits with a cardboard compartment right above it with “Original Cherry” across the top as a nice poke at keyboards with cherry knock off keyswitches being used. In that cardboard compartment Cherry hides the keyboards detachable USB cable. Along with the keyboard and the USB cable you do get a user manual for documentation and they also include two bright red rubber feet. Its weird that the keyboard doesn’t come with the two large feet installed, but they do come with double sided sticky tape on one side.

image 7

image 10

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36598 10 Apr 2015 19:07
Happy Friday everyone. Before we head over to MLG for the weekend I wanted to post up my Friday review. Today I take a look at a keyboard from Cherry, the MX-Board 3.0. Enjoy!

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