With this being a kit the box for the ErgoDox isn’t exactly huge but inside Massdrop has packed it full. Right on top is a nice card explaining that the ErgoDox played a special role in Massdrop’s journey. Under that card, almost everything else is wrapped up in various bags. All of the acrylic parts to the casing are covered in a protective film then stacked up together in a bag. The two PCBs are in their own bag just like the clear Cherry MX switches and the black PBT keycaps. What really stood out to me is that when you order an ErgoDox you have to select your preferred keyswitch, keycap, and even select if you want an aluminum cover on the casing. Each of those things has to be hand packed into this box for each order, they can’t really just have a UPS for each variation.

image 1

image 2

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The rest of the components come bundled up together in one last bag. This bag includes your USB cords and TRRS cable. You also get a keycap puller, the case bolts, and all of the resistors, diodes, LEDs, and connectors needed to build out your PCBs. Pulling everything out can be a little intimidating unless you are very comfortable with electrical work but take a deep breath I will dig into all of that in the next section.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36213 30 Jan 2015 18:17
Happy Friday everyone, today I build and test out an ErgoDox keyboard from Massdrop. Enjoy!

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