After being surprised with Cougars software I spent more time using the 700M. It replaced my main mouse for a few weeks. That means I had the chance to use it while editing photos, gaming, and everyday tasks as well. This gave me enough time to get a feel for both its performance and comfort. To start things off I did spend a little time toying with the adjustments to fit the 700M to me. I preferred having the palm rest down most of the way and no weights.

So how did the ADNS-9800 sensor perform? Well seeing that it is the same sensor used in a lot of popular mice I didn’t run into any unexpected issues. There is a slight amount of deceleration issues when you use a soft mouse pad but on a hard mouse pad the sensor performs well. Of course there is WAY more DPI than you could ever need  with the 700M capping at 8200 but I stuck with what I’m used to down in the 1800 range. The aluminum frame does give the 700M a nice solid feel when you have it in hand.

Reaching the two left side buttons was easy, I typically run one of the two as my push to talk button. The DPI select button up top is actually really easy to get at as well, if you need an extra button and you don’t flip through DPIs you could program that to something else to add another usable button. I love the button next to the trigger as well even though I still have a hard time remembering that it is there. Anything that doesn’t require you to move far from where your hand naturally sits is a good thing. The sniper button lets you set another DPI to run at whenever you are holding the button. This is great if you are trying to do fine detail or aim something precisely. The scroll wheel has firm clicks when you scroll it, almost too much compared to what I prefer.

What about comfort? Well the 700M having adjustability will help a lot of people. If you have a large hand you can adjust the palm up to fit even more or if you like to hold in more of a claw grip you can adjust the palm wrest down. Even with the adjustability the mouse did feel a little large to me, especially when trying to move from the two side buttons to the sniper button. Beyond that I didn’t have any weird hand cramps or extra sweaty hands after using the 700M.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35963 08 Dec 2014 20:28
I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm starting to feel better. Today I check out a mouse from Cougar, this should hopefully give you something to read while trying to avoid work for the day :D

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