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I think by now that everyone knows my favorite color is orange. So when I first took a  look at the 700M I was obviously especially interesting in the orange trim that Cougar used on the mouse. After getting past that I took the whole mouse in and was surprised at how much the mouse reminded me of the Cyborg R.A.T. series of mice.  This is because the 700M has an aggressive styling as well as the adjustable/floating palm section. The R.A.T. mice have actually been extremely popular so this isn’t a bad thing at all, its clear that people like the idea of being able to adjust their mouse to fit them perfectly.

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So let’s take a look around the 700M to see what all Cougar has done with the mouse. Starting on the left side of the mouse we have a textured rubber coating on the side of the mouse with a silver painted finish across the top and on the buttons. For buttons on this side we have two next to each other in a darker grey in the standard button location. Cougar also slipped in a third button down closer to the bottom with a target icon on the button and a fourth button up on the top edge of the left mouse button. Also along the top edge of the black area Cougar has included four LEDs that show what profile you are currently running.

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The right side of the 700M is a lot more boring. We have the same rubber finish but this side doesn’t have any side buttons at all.

image 8

image 9

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Looking from the top down we can see the two silver painted triggers along with the scroll wheel in the middle. The Scroll when is metal with a rubber piece wrapped around it and it is placed in a cutout lined with an orange anodized aluminum. Behind the scroll wheel is another button. Some other manufactures use this to slip in up and down DPI buttons but Cougar went with a single larger button. The orange trim continues on behind this button around the removable weight holding tray. I really like the area where the USB cord goes into the front of the mouse as well, Cougar built a small tube that gives the cord extra support.

image 13

image 14

On the bottom of the mouse we can see a lot more of the orange aluminum frame that supports the entire mouse. Not only does it run up the middle front but it also supports the palm piece and holds the mouse sensor as well. Speaking of the sensor, the 700M has the ADNS-9800 sensor from Pixart formally made by Avago. I love that Cougar doesn’t try to hide what sensor they are using and include it in their specifications even.

image 12

For the cord, we have a standard 1.8 meter aka just under 6 foot long cord. The USB connection is gold plated for durability and the cord itself is sleeved for durability as well.

image 11

The biggest thing about the 700M is its adjustability. There are three things you can change. To start things off you can pull out the small plastic tray in between the orange support bracket on top. This tray holds up to four 4.5 gram weights for people who prefer a heavier mouse. The palm rest is where you can do the rest of your adjustments. Down at the bottom you can turn the thumbscrew on the bottom and adjust the height of the palm rest. The palm rest also has a small button on it and can be slid off. Cougar includes a second palm rest that is black in color for you to change things up.

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