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The first time I took a look at the 2014 Blackwidow Ultimate I was happy with the board so it’s not really a shock that I would like what they did with the Chroma. Just like the original, the Chroma isn’t perfect. I would really love to see Razer reconsider the font they use for their legends for one. The Razer branded key switches still have a bit of a wiggle even though they still performed well. I also can’t forget that the software requires an account and far too many reboots. That said, the pros of the Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma are much better than the cons. The flat black finish they use looks much better than the old gloss finish and it helps give a fairly clean look. The software might frustrate me in some ways but when it comes down too it you get everything you could possibly ask for. This is especially important with this being a full RGB keyboard, they give you full control of the lighting. I’m also a big fan of the number of macro keys that the Blackwidow has, enough to get the job done without going overboard.

So far this is the second RGB mechanical keyboard we have gotten in and it is by far the best one yet. I’ve heard that a lot of the competition has been fighting software and firmware issues as well not to mention the negative feedback from the Corsair logo change. If you are looking for a full RGB keyboard the Blackwidow Ultimate Chroma is looking like a great pick. Personally I would be looking at potentially swapping out the keycaps to drop the font and drop a little of the “gamer” look. The issues I had with the software are a non-issue once you have set everything up. You can uninstall the software and still keep your settings and lighting. How does it compare at its current MSRP of $169? Well it is on par with its direct competition in the Corsair K70 RGB. All in all If you need or want RGB I don’t think you are going to be unhappy with your purchase.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #35869 14 Nov 2014 16:55
Happy Friday everyone, today I take another look at the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. This time it is the Chroma edition with its RGB backlighting.
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trgtprctc replied the topic: #35872 14 Nov 2014 21:59
Thanks Wes. The Stealth version of this keyboard is on my radar. Thinking of finally making the jump to a mechanical plank and dig the RGB lighting.

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