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The G400s is an interesting mouse. On one hand very little has really changed from the G400 to the G400s, for that matter the design really hasn’t changed much going all the way back to the G5. Because of that, you would expect that the G400s would be a little meh. However, the truth is, there was never a need for a change in the first place. Because of that, Logitech updated its look to fit their current styling and bumped up the sensor to include their new smoothing. The G400s has the same great shape that put Logitech on the map for gaming mice and its Optical sensor keeps the costs down while getting the job done perfectly. You even get the same great software that all of their gaming products have as well. The only reason you might want to avoid it would be if you already own a G5 or a G400, beyond that you would be silly to not at least consider it if you are on the market for a reasonably priced gaming mouse.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34596 07 Apr 2014 21:39
I hope everyone had a good weekend, today I take a peak at the G400s from Logitech. Some of you might remember it from the g400 and the g5 as well.

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