So we have established the G400s is basically a refreshed G5, so how well did it perform? To put it to the test I replaced my everyday mouse with it for three weeks. This means I used it for my every day web browsing, photo editing, and all of my gaming. Switching to the G400s was natural, I used the G5 for years. Once I configured the software to my tastes I (one left mouse button for push to talk and the other for activatables in game or my knife) I was good to go.

The medium size of the G400s fit my hand well without being too large to handle. This along with the contoured thumb resting area made the G400s very comfortable to use throughout the day as well as when I game through the night. When the G5 came out with this design it defined where the macro buttons should be placed and even now years later those same locations are still exactly where I would prefer them to be. It’s hard to believe that after all of this time such a simple design works so well. The two contrasting finishes on the top and sides of the mouse work really well. The rough texture on the sides gives you good grip, even when your hands get a little slick while the top smoothness keeps things comfortable when spamming button clicks in an RTS or MOBA.

I mentioned it before, but one of the biggest things that contributes to the G400s’ performance is how well the software integrates with all of Logitech’s devices and how easy it is to use. Being able to quickly configure or reconfigure your settings might be something we take for granted, but not every mouse has software that makes it so easy. This is why Logitech is one of the only programs that I continue to keep installed on my PC. Generally I will configure my mouse and then uninstall the software. This is much better than what the software used to be like back when the G5 came out, even with the mouse being basically the same the user experience is much better due to the software.

The only big change from the original G5 or even the G400 was the sensor, so how well does it perform? Well I ran into no issues in everyday use as well as gaming through all of my testing. The optical sensor performs well and didn’t have any angle snapping, z-axis tracking issues, or acceleration. With that said the change from the 3095 to the S3095 they did add a new feature they are calling Delta Zero Senor technology that does smooth out some of your movement. It’s not as bad as angle snapping, but those of you who prefer a mouse that doesn’t change anything at all, you might still prefer the G400. Personally I didn’t notice it at all, so no complains here.


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #34596 07 Apr 2014 21:39
I hope everyone had a good weekend, today I take a peak at the G400s from Logitech. Some of you might remember it from the g400 and the g5 as well.

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