The packaging for the G602 follows the same theme that I have seen on the last few Logitech gaming devices. The cover has a photo of the G620 with half of it showing an X-rayed version of the mouse, showing a little of the behind the scenes. When you open the front door you can get your hands on the mouse itself before you buy it, giving you a chance to see how it fits your hand. This is something that I think is very important when you are shopping retail, most of the big gaming mouse manufactures now include this on all of their mice.

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Logitech even went as far as to include a full specification listing on the side of the packaging as well. Having access to all of the information is always good and in some cases it can help you pick between multiple mice. Around on the back they have another photo of the G602, but this time there are a couple key features that are highlighted. Specifically they highlight the “Delta Zero” sensor, the 11 programmable buttons, and the G602’s 250 hours of gaming battery life. I don’t know what the Delta Zero sensor is, but the other two highlights would catch my eye on a store shelf.

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Inside the box, along with the G602 itself you will get a tiny wireless dongle and for documentation a setup guide and safety and warranty information. To go with the dongle, they also included an extension cable for those who need to pull the dongle up to on top of their desk.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #33309 15 Nov 2013 19:11
Before the weekend I take a look at Logitechs latest wireless mouse. It wasn't perfect, but I have yet to come close to killing the battery as well!

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