Other than the name on the front and the photo of the Tartarus the packaging is the same here as with the Orbweaver and even with the old Nostromo as well. It’s part of Razer’s branding to stick with the black and green look. Not only can you see the Tartarus on the cover, but if you open up the front you can get your hands right on it. I have done this a few times at Best Buy for example with mice, it’s important to know it’s going to fit you before you put your money down. Around on the back you have another photo of the Tartarus, but this time around there are lines going to each of its key features with short descriptions attached to each line. The rest of the back is covered in the feature listings in 10 different languages so you aren’t going to find anything else here. As with any Razer product you also get a little packet with a user guide, two Razer stickers and a certificate of authenticity. I did notice on that the certificate has two signatures now where they used to all just have Razerguy’s. Now the current CEO is also listed. This is just a little clue to things that go on behind the scenes, Razerguy is actually a friend and it’s a little weird seeing more than his name on there.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #32268 17 Aug 2013 04:20
just a few days ago Razer introduced their new gaming keypad, today we take a look at it. Enjoy and have a nice weekend

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