Razer has a specific styling to their packaging that has been consistent for years across all of their product lines. That styling of course is a black and green theme with a picture of the product on the cover, in this case the Orbweaver. The box also opened up like a door with the Orbweaver behind the door with formed plastic around it to let you get a feel for the product before you buy it. On the back of the packaging they have another photo of the Orbweaver, but this time there are lines going to each of its key features. Along with that there is a small feature listing in 11 different languages.

image 1

image 6

image 7

Inside the box you have the Orbweaver strapped to a plastic tray. Up under it you will find a small packet of information including a certificate of authentication from Razerguy as well as two Razer tri-headed snake stickers.

image 8

image 24


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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #31794 19 Jul 2013 19:10
Before the weekend we take a look at the Razer Orbweaver mechanical gaming pad
Arxon's Avatar
Arxon replied the topic: #31840 24 Jul 2013 20:26
I like my logitech but would much rather have this.
Hasbeen's Avatar
Hasbeen replied the topic: #31841 24 Jul 2013 21:27
Nice review, but at $130 I think I'll still hang on to my Belkin N52 Nostromo. I've got 2 of them that work just fine for the games I choose to use them on. I'm sure there are features on these newer gamepads that are nice, but the old saying still holds true. "If it aint broke don't fix it."
garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #31844 24 Jul 2013 23:21
I would agree, there isn't any reason for you to switch if you are happy with what you already have.

How often do you guys use your gamepads and how do you use them?
Hasbeen's Avatar
Hasbeen replied the topic: #31846 25 Jul 2013 02:06
Well I've attempted to adjust my usage to almost all of my games at one time or another with varied results. Mostly these days I use it in any MMOs I'm playing. I also use it regularly if I'm playing Minecraft, and I've half way set it up for Star Craft 2.

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