Overall and Final Verdict

So did the Truly Ergonomic 207 live up to my expectations? Well truthfully I really had no idea what to expect other than a long adjustment time. In that case it did live up to my expectation. Beyond that though I was impressed with the thought put into the layout of the keys to save finger reaching and hand movement. I would be really interested to see this same keyboard being used in a dvorak layout, it might make it even more efficient. The layout, curved key rows to match your finger layout, and angled keys all worked together to improve my typing fatigue after a long night of typing. My biggest complaint was with the location of the shift key but they did give an option to fix it with a firmware update if I wanted.

I love that the design is so small and perfect for use at LANs or on a small desk and the built in programmability with the dip switches on the back is nothing like what I have seen on other keyboards. My only other complaints are related. Considering they use a design that no one else uses, I expected the cost to be higher. But I feel like at the price point they are asking it would be nice to have the option for backlighting to help adjust for the costs slightly. All in all the Truly Ergonomic 207 is a great keyboard if you are on the market for a mechanical ergonomic keyboard. You just might want to cover your wallets eyes when you put your order in. But then again that cost is a lot less than what surgery would run you.


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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #30905 20 May 2013 21:53
Today we take a look at a unique ergonomic mechanical keyboard design
Satansoul's Avatar
Satansoul replied the topic: #30906 20 May 2013 22:34
funny looking keyboard
Leonresevil2's Avatar
Leonresevil2 replied the topic: #30916 21 May 2013 02:05
"unless you are somehow skinnier than your keyboard." Uh oh.

Looks interesting, would be interested in a DVORAK or different layout that is more ergonomic to go all the way. Not sure about the Ctrl and Alt positions, would probably mess me up in League for awhile.
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Lersar replied the topic: #30920 21 May 2013 02:20

Leonresevil2 wrote: "unless you are somehow skinnier than your keyboard." Uh oh.

I lol'd.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #30922 21 May 2013 02:28
I ordered him a sandwich :D
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Deb0 replied the topic: #30937 21 May 2013 06:40
I would get angry at the key layout and smash it against a wall. Just sayin'.

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