Overall and Final Verdict

Overall the Power-RX is a very interesting mouse pad. I’ve never seen a mouse pad that trys so hard to be a soft and hard mouse pad at the same time. The crazy thing is I don’t think will find a better solution to get the hard mouse pad feeling while still being able to roll it all up and pack it away. I tested it with a few different mice with a variety of mouse sensors to see how well it performed. I did experience some acceleration with the Avago 9500 and 9800 sensors, but still less than what you would normally see with a full soft mouse pad. If It were up to me I would sell a model that was at least half the size of this current model or something a little wider that would let me put my entire keyboard upon the mouse pad, the current size is just too large for me both in my office as well as when I go to LANs. The red and white logos on the Power-RX were a little bright and I think they would fit Cooler Masters direction when it comes to them bringing out keyboards now with less branding where they can. Cooler Master made the Power-RX the first soft, hard mouse pad and because of that I will always keep it around in my collection for a nice happy medium.


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