Cooler Master packed the Power-RX up into a black and red tube. With the black and red them it’s obvious right away that this is a CM storm product. Of course the blood splatters and outlines of people shooting guns it was fairly clear anyhow. Other than the CM Storm branding and the large Power-RX logo there is a small color code on the right side showing that the black side is the “surgical strike surface” and the red side is “heavy duty grip”. At first glance when I pulled the pad out I thought maybe it was a two side pad, so this is useful information. They have also attached a small piece of the material to let you see how thin it is and feel the surface. At first I thought they had also put a specification listing on the tube as well but it was actually a long list of different languages with the words “Gaming Mouse Pad- Power-RX”.  There isn’t anything but the pad itself inside, but I should also point out that the end pieces to the tube were both metal when I had expected plastic.

image 1

image 2

image 3

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