Overall and Final Verdict

The Gila is a decent mouse and it has its useful features such as a great sensor and an extensive and useful software setup. Being able to personalize your mouse with the LED lights to set it apart from the rest is another nice touch. That being said, I think it misses the mark on too many important issues to be a recommended buy. For instance, the mouse has twelve buttons, and I found four of them to be in awkward or hard to reach locations. Another two buttons were difficult to press because of the way they behaved when pressing them, and when they were pressed, it was difficult to tell. The slick stripe on the mouse wheel also lead to some annoying instances while browsing. The biggest issue though in my eyes is the price. Very few mice can pull off the $100 price point and get away with it. The Gila isn’t one of them; it simply isn’t carried well enough by the software and sensor that I can ignore some of its obvious flaws.

fv2 gila

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Author: Fildy

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