The packaging for the Gila is probably the coolest and most exciting that I’ve seen for any mouse, and it certainly does a great job of selling the product. Initially it looks like any other product packaging. On the front you have a picture of the product along with the name and a sticker of one of the recent awards the product won.

GX Gaming_Gila_25

If we look at the side of the packaging, we get a sneak peak of what the user interface of the program looks like. There is also some information about the program and what it is capable of doing once installed.

On the back is a plethora of information, and at first it almost seems overwhelming, but upon closer inspection, it’s actually mostly the same basic product information in twenty or so different languages. Also shown are the Genius and GX-Gaming logos, along with some information about the internal processor. Also on the back is a list of system requirements, package contents, and a warning not to use the mouse on glass surfaces. Sadly this mouse isn’t like the Traveler 901LS that we reviewed a little while back.

GX Gaming_Gila_2

This is where the packaging stops being like other products and start to show its unique flair. You see the front cover of the packaging is actually a flap that folds open. It is held into place with a pair of magnets inside the box and the flap itself. Just inside where the flap is held into place you can find a bunch of the product features listed for easy access. When opened up all the way we can see the mouse presented on the right, inside a clear plastic container. With the design of the box surrounding the mouse, GX-Gaming did a great job of presenting the product to the consumer.

GX Gaming_Gila_4

On the left side, the back end of the flap we can find more information about the Gila. This inside flap does a great job of explaining all of the features as well as visualizing them with pictures and information. Each feature pictured has a small amount of information explaining what is pictured and then an actual line going to the location on the mouse where that feature is prevalent. This gives you a good idea of everything the mouse can do without overwhelming you with statistics and technological jargon.

GX Gaming_Gila_1

Removing the mouse is actually somewhat tricky. Because of the shape of the box, with the one side being pointed at the end, it is somewhat difficult to open. It took some finesse and I actually tore the box in a couple of spots when I opened it, but it finally popped open. Inside we find a plastic box, almost as large as first. After removing the clear plastic cover off of this box we are able to gain access to the mouse, weights, and informational packet that came with.

GX Gaming_Gila_5

In the informational packet we are able to find a few things. The first is a product information booklet, which is funny, because I say booklet, but it’s actually only one page of information, just in numerous different languages. Also inside is a GUI Pre-installation guide which explains what to do before installing the software that came packaged with the mouse. There is an extra set of footpads in case yours become worn or fall off. Lastly there is a CD that contains the software installation for about half of the possible languages that the program comes in, for the other half you will have to visit the product web page and select the language personally.

GX Gaming_Gila_24

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