Having taken a look at the Diablo III and Guild Wars 2 mice, the packaging for the Black Ops II mouse was basically what we have seen before. The cover has a top down photo of the mouse showing off all of its artwork, you also have the Black Ops II logo and the image of the guy kissing or praying with his gun in the top right corner. The cover opens up and allows you to get your hand on the mouse itself and to get a better look at its artwork. Around back you have a little information including a specification listing, this is something they don’t even have on their website, so this is a great place to get info on the sensor as well as buttons and cable. Inside you get the normal collection of goodies including a SteelSeries sticker and product guide.

image 2

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image 20

The Black Ops II OcK mouse pad comes in its normally packaging as well. You can see a good portion of the pads artwork through the window on the packaging. Around it you have an all blacked out package with the Black Ops II logo in the top corner. Information is very limited on the packaging really, the back has a short description repeated in multiple languages. Opening up the box to get to the actual mouse pad is a little bit of a challenge, you have to open the side of the box and slide out the plastic clamshell a specific direction, if not you will fit and end up tearing up the packaging.

image 13

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #28458 16 Nov 2012 18:54
Today we take a look at SteelSeries's Black Ops 2 mouse and mouse pad
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draymac replied the topic: #28459 16 Nov 2012 23:21
I enjoyed seeing your reflection in the plastic that was over the mouse, lol. If that reflection is on all their packaging, I think I might just need to buy that thing! ;-)

Walmart had their price at $70. Seemed slightly high but I am totally out of it when it comes to mice pricing. Although, I did drop $100 on that WoW mouse...hmmmm, lol.

Thanks for the hands on impressions. Always interested in mouse opinions. So hard to shop for a "right fit" item that you can't test out before buying.

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