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Overall I liked, but not loved the Thrustmaster T500RS. With its great build quality, steering wheel and pedal feel you can’t go wrong. Sure the game setup could have been better but I also used some wacky games to test it out with. The only problem that I see is the price. Wheels and such can be bought for under $100 these days and will get the job done. With the Amazon list price at $599.99 it’s in a league of its own. This is a very steep price to get a wheel into your Man Cave but it does hold up. Again, the build quality is amazing. This is going to last for years and years of gameplay. I just don’t see that many racing fans dropping $600 bucks on a wheel.

In the end when I was at the Thrustmaster booth at CES they had a Playseat with the wheel setup for demo’s. If you are interested in buying a wheel from them, drop the extra cash and get the seat. I love my chair here at the office but it doesn’t hold a candle to a racing seat.

Comparing this to the G27 the T500RS wins. Looking at the Logitech website the biggest difference is the addition of the shifter. This is not included with the Thrustmaster setup but can be purchased separate. Also, the shifter on the G27 houses all of the extra buttons. On the T500RS they are build into the wheel.

It’s a great product with great capabilities, I just think the price is too high for people to enjoy their product, which is a shame. 


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