Setup really couldn't of been easier. Plug the A/C adapter into the wheel. Plug the pedals into the wheel and plug the wheel into a open USB slot, simple!

Image 22

Image 23

Image 21

The mounting system for your desk is dead on. Screw the included bolt into the bottom of the wheel with the mounting system and your ready to go. Once tightened down it was apparent that it wasn't going to come off of the desk. During some of the gaming time the force feedback shook my entire desk. The wheel never moved an inch.

Image 1

Once everything was situated I downloaded the required software drivers from the Thrustmaster website and got cracking. Installation was dead on. Install the files, reboot then plug-in the wheel / pedal assembly.

Image 20

Image 25

Once everything was setup in the office it looked like a bomb went off. Wires running everywhere. That is to be expected though. What I would really like is to have this be wireless, at-least from the wheel to the PC. You would still need the pedals to be analog which is fine and the A/C adapter running the whole sha-bang. 

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