The suite included with the Meka G Unit mimics the design of the packaging using the same rough-metal theme and font form. The main window of the software presents user with a virtual keyboard and several options for customization: creating macros, lighting options, key assignment, and even the ability to switch between settings designated by 'normal' mode or 'game' mode, and up to three profiles.

main1 4

You will notice an on-screen notification the first time you load the software, as well as when you make changes such as switching the profile.

on-screen notification 5

Clicking on specific tabs typically launch a new window, such as the Light Options. Here we see the keyboard again, but each of the keys with illumination marked red. Along the bottom are four levels of light intensity as well as a pulse option.

light1 1

These options can be applied in real time or set to apply once all changes have been made. Either way, you will notice another on-screen notification indicating the light level as well.

on-screen notification light 6

The macro option launches a new window, too. Here users have the ability to create or load macros, and see the key presses as well as the delay time in between.

macro1 2

After a live record is used, preset actions such as 'All', 'Print', or 'Undo' can be inserted any place within the string, as well as custom delay times or the option to ignore delay time altogether.

macro2 3

Rest assured that your effort in customization won't be lost if you take the G Unit to another computer. An on-board 64KB memory ensures that your settings will travel with you.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #22325 25 Jan 2012 23:06
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ttEsports G-Unit Review
Pros: Pros:
The keyboard features the best cherry black switch keys I've ever used. I also prefer the noise these keys make over a silent keyboard. The keyboard itself is very sturdy and heavy, ensuring that you cannot rage on it and that it will not move at all unless you pick it up and move it.
I am switching to this over a Bluetooth Logitech. It is incredibly noticeable how different the response time is with the key inputs.
It has nice back-lightning on most commonly used keys which you can intensify and even make pulse.
I haven't played too much with the programmable macro keys but it is a very nice feature if I played games like World of Warcraft.
The multimedia keys in the top right of the keyboard also help nicely with volume control and playback for songs and movies.
Love how much I can bang on this thing and truly feel like I'm getting the best experience out of it when I do!
Comes with a nice travel case too. That's a plus =)

Cons: Cons:
Out of the box I noticed that my space bar makes a squeek. It doesn't sound like a click like the rest of the keys which doesn't bother me too much, just noticeable.
The worst thing about this keyboard it the head phone jack that is on the top side of the keyboard. It is a great feature, however... when you plug headphones into this thing BE WARNED. It will blow your ear drums out of the water. It creates a different sound device/output then your normal speakers which means you control it differently on sound devices tab. (Shows up as HOLTEK USB PHONE) The only way for me to be able to tolerate this is if I literally put the volume slider to 1%. Anything higher is incredibly loud and unbearable. Would really love to use this but just cannot. Also from time to time the lights on the keyboard will turn off. Not sure why or when because I don't notice until some time later. Not a huge deal either, can turn them back on by going in to the drivers console and click the light settin

Other Thoughts: Highly recommended mechanical keyboard. great company to deal with.

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