The S1 is packaged in a box with almost no SteelSeries branding on it. Even at first glance you can tell they really wanted to show the wheel off. 3/4th of the packaging is made out of a clear plastic window giving you almost a 360 degree view of the device. Information on the packaging is few and far between, you will actually find more about the Simraceway game than anything else. There is a short note on the back that lets you know that with the wheel you will also receive a $10 card for in game use. I can’t wait to find a use for it.

Image 2

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Inside the wheel is held into place with two pieced of formed plastic with a red velvet finish (you will see later that that same red velvet came off on the wheel and is in most of our photos). Aside from the wheel itself the only think you will find inside is the $10 currency card mentioned before and a small brochure that gives you quick instructions on how to use the S1 and where to download your game client.

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Happy Monday guys and girls!

I spent all weekend racing and calling it work

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