The Transformers Deathadder is exactly the same as the original Deathadder comfort wise. It’s a classic design that is perfect for people with large hands or who prefer a palm grip on their mice. The only thing different between the Transformers Deathadder and the original is the painted finish. Because of that there is a different feel to the mouse, but it’s not a bad feel. Sometimes a painted finish can make a mouse hard to hold on too, but in this case the shape of the Deathadder helps you keep a secure hold on the mouse.

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Unlike almost all of Razer’s other mice, the Deathadder still sticks with its optical sensor. In my opinion this is one of the main reasons that the Deathadder is their best mouse. Some of their other mice have Z axis tracking issues due to the high DPI laser sensor used, the Deathadder has no such problems. You still have more than enough DPI with the sensor going up to 3500 DPI without the downsides of the other sensors. Performance on all of our mouse pads was amazing, but jumping onto our white table top surface didn’t work at all. You will have to run a mouse pad when you are at LAN’s with white tables being used. There does seem to be a slight amount of acceleration with it turned down on the software, you will notice in the software that you can turn it down to 1 but not off. Being so slight I didn’t notice this when gaming at all.

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The Deathadder design is showing a little age when compared to a few of the mice that have been released recently. I would love to see it updated with a few more buttons being added with the left trigger button for quick access, similar to what they included on the Mamba. The side buttons are easy to reach and not to low that you will bump them when you don’t need to.

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You have more than enough cord to reach the back of your PC. Razer gold plates the connection to prevent any corrosion issues in the future, not that I have ever seen that be a problem before. To help protect the cord it is wrapped in a sleaving, unlike some other mice the sleaving on the Deathadder is very snug and super smooth, you won’t have any issues with the sleaving catching on anything and causing any extra drag.

Image 7

Image 8

Here are a couple shots of the Transformers Deathadder paired up with the 3500 DPI Deathadder, as you can see other than the color they are the same.

Image 19

Image 20

Image 22

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #21430 07 Dec 2011 21:40
A Razer review for you guys today!
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Nacelle replied the topic: #21447 08 Dec 2011 03:50
The problem I see with it is the silver part. Most things I've seen that are silver are just coated with it. Over time it wears off and looks like crap. I think I'll stick with my standard all black Death Adder.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #21448 08 Dec 2011 04:24
this is similar to an automotive finish

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