Other than comfort, a mouse’s performance is also very important. To put the TM to the test I put it to use in our Photoshop, gaming, and every day use testing. What does that mean? In Photoshop I spent time outlining and working on details. A mouse with any twitching or accuracy issues wouldn’t be able to do this without problems. Gaming testing includes real work game performance along with testing for z axis tracking issues. And last but not least every day testing is when we use the mouse for everyday tasks like writing this review and browsing the internet. All of our testing we try on multiple surfaces to see if there are any tracking issues that arise with different mouse pads or tables.

So how did the TM perform? Surprisingly well actually, even though they went with a Laser sensor we didn’t experience any of the issues we have experienced with laser mice. Tracking was spot on no matter the surface, including our white tables that typically cause problems. In game performance was the same including our z axis testing, no issues with that at all. While gaming I did find the two thumb buttons way too low to use naturally. I had to go out of the way to reach them. Surprisingly this was actually a nice feature when doing our day to day testing as I sometimes have a problem with accidently bumping thumb buttons when working. Unfortunately this is a gaming mouse so I would prefer that it work better in game than in everyday use. For everyday use I found the snip button to be extremely helpful and normal use to be up to standards. That same button used for the snipping tool was also useful in game as a perfect way to reload quickly.

Image 1

Last but not least on overall performance is how smoothly the mouse slides. The bottom of the mouse has five gliders placed around to make sliding easy. My only complaint with the gliders is the raised portion around them. Although I didn’t experience problem with them I feel that the raised area’s height doesn’t give much room for the glider to wear down before rubbing on the mouse pad. Thankfully they include a bunch of extras for this exact reason. 

Image 10


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #21153 29 Nov 2011 20:16
A gaming mouse from someone other than the usual suspects
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Wingless92 replied the topic: #21165 29 Nov 2011 21:47
Nice, love the mouse reviews.

The problem is everyone's hands are different so trying them out first, before you buy is a big plus.

Glad to see someone else stepping up to the plate though.

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