Though I'm used to associating Microsoft with a quad-color logo, their hardware line features a more monochromatic red theme for marketing purposes. The Comfort Curve 3000 is featured off-set from the middle of the package with a nice action shot that catches the unique design of the board, with a smaller cutout that better shows the actual arch. Microsoft has also included the signature of their apparently resident Design Ergonomist to stress the comfort-friendly design of the Curve 3000. The reverse side uses a similar photo to point out a few more key features such as the media access keys, as well as a graphical table explaining features to the retail shopper.



Inside, the Comfort Curve board is wrapped nicely in a plastic bag and coated with a plastic film to protect the bitter-sweet gloss finish from dust and debris during packaging/shipping. Underneath the peripheral you will find a little paperwork including a product guide and reference manual.




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Leonresevil2 replied the topic: #17021 26 Jul 2011 05:47
I had a gel pad wrist rest, that would probably work well, of course it is not curved like this, so maybe they will release something more official. Looks like a good board at a good price.
How's the key sound volume, and how many keys can be pressed at once before it spazzes out?
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Lersar replied the topic: #17036 26 Jul 2011 08:56
It uses a silicon-based dome switch, so they aren't very audible.

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