When gamers are looking for mice there are only a few company's you think of. One of the big names in gaming mice is Razer. Razer made a name for themselves by making high DPI mice at a time that 400dpi was main stream. Razer's latest high DPI mouse is the Lachesis (‘lak- -s s), with 4000 Dpi it's a far cry from the old days. Today we are going to test out the Lachesis and find out how it performs.

Review Sample Provided by: Razer

Review by: Wes Compton Aka: Garfi3ld

Pictures by: Wes Compton Aka: Garfi3ld


4000dpi Razer Precision 3G LaserTM sensor

32KB Razer SynapseTM onboard memory

Nine independently programmable HyperesponseTM buttons

1000Hz Ultrapolling / 1ms response time

On-The-Fly SensitivityTM adjustment

Variable true dpi setting adjustments in increments of 125dpi

Always-OnTM mode

Ultra-large non-slip buttons

16-bit ultra-wide data path

60-100 inches per second

Ambidextrous design

Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions

Zero-acoustic UltraslickTM Teflon feet

Gold-plated USB connector

Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord

Approximate size: 129mm (length) x 71mm (width) x 40mm (height)

Windows® 2000 / XP / X64 / MCE 2005 / Vista / Vista64
Available USB port
CD-ROM Drive (for drivers)
At least 35MB of hard disk space (for drivers)


Every time I look at a Razer product, I am always impressed with the packaging. The Lachesis is no exception; Razer did a great job of showing off the mouse. The front door opens up to let you feel the shape of the mouse. Inside the box you find the standard Razer Certificate of Authenticity, a Master Guide, A quick start guide, a driver CD, and two triple snake stickers.


Before I started my testing I installed the most up to date software and updated the firmware. There have been complaints of jumping and inconsistent mouse movement. Jumping right into a match of Left 4 Dead to give the Lachesis a good test I didn't see any performance issues. The software gave you access to reprogram all of the buttons and adjust the polling and dpi rates. You also have the ability to do on the fly sensitivity adjustments by just holding a button and scrolling up and down.

Another major part of the performance is the comfort. This is where the Lachesis dropped the ball in my opinion. With a somewhat low profile shape it didn't fit my hand well and caused cramps after long periods of time. I've explained before about different mouse shapes. The Razer website describes the Lachesis as a palm mouse; I'm not sure where they got this idea. The deathadder is a perfect palm mouse, this is a claw mouse. The differences in shapes lead to my issues. This may not be a downside for some people, but considering they market this as a palm mouse it will affect my overall score of the mouse.


I set out to find out if the Lachesis is a great mouse, and it is. I had comfort issues, but anyone who uses a claw type mouse will love this mouse. The 4000 dpi is more than anyone should need, but it did track perfect on both a cloth and hard mouse pad. I highly recommend that anyone who buys the mouse upgrade the firmware right away, this seemed to fix all of the issues and complaints. I figured out that what really makes Razer mice great is the software, the ability to reprogram every button doesn't see that important until you can't do it. I recommend that anyone who is looking for a mouse consider the Lachesis. Bu before you order make sure to evaluate how you hold a mouse, another Razer mouse may be a better fit for you!

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