We find ourselves once again taking a look at a gaming mouse pad, well two. Today we look at the C4 NGen 04 and the C4 NGen, both products from C4 Mouseware (a CSHyde company). With a Super Slick & Super Fast Teflon surface will the glide to the top of our mouse pad pile or stay planted on our desk?

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Review by: Garfi3ld

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NGen 04

The NGen 04 is the thinnest mouse pad’s that I’ve ever seen! It’s so thin that you can leave the mouse pad with your mouse and not even notice, in fact the only reason you will be able to tell is because you’re not on the slick Teflon anymore. The back of the pad is a non-adhesive black rubber grip giving the pad a static cling effect to help it stick to your desk. Trust me once it is attached it isnt going to move unless you want it too. This is great on glass desks or anything very smooth. Because of the thinness of the pad if you put it on a dirty desk or something with bumps in it will show through the surface of the pad itself, sometimes even creasing it. Both my g5 mouse and Razer Deathadder glide smoothly along on this pad. Nether show any signs of tracking issues. To be sure that an optical mouse wouldn’t have any problems I dug out a Microsoft optical mouse and gave it a try; again without any problems. You can pick up the NGen 04 in sizes ranging from 20” x 36” to 8.5” x 10”. Any of these sizes would be more than enough with today’s higher DPI mice.


The NGen has the same surface as the Ngen 04 but with a thicker rubber base making it more like a standard mouse pad. It also seems to have a thicker plastic backing between the Teflon and the rubber base making is less flexible and more durable feeling. For this reason and because of its size I thought it would be best to test this with my notebook with my Razer DeathAdder. It travels very well and holds up to a lot of abuse. Because of the added thickness it has no problems on a dirty or ruff table and can be tossed around to wherever needed. This is a great mousepad if your on the go or if you prefer the thicker mouse pads.


The Teflon surface of both pads is perfect for gaming ether on the go and at home. It worked flawlessly with a variety of mice. The only flaw I could find was with the NGen 04 being easy to crease. This is given considering how thin the pad is. As long as you’re not moving the pad around a lot and it’s on a smooth surface it shouldn’t ever be an issue. The surface on these pads is the slickest ive ever used on a mouse pad. The pricing on the pads are reasonable for gaming mouse pads with them starting at 10.49 plus shipping. If that isn't cheap enough you can even pick up a few blemished pads for 5 bucks a piece right now! They also sell a pad similar to the NGen 04 with a sticky bottom if you want something permanent or if you would like to modify a different mousepad with a c4 surface. They will even do it for you for a charge if that is what your looking for. Overall I would recommend ether of these products if you prefer extremely slick mouse pads. I personally would go for the thicker NGen because of the added durability and ease of use. They may be a mostly unknown company but they do make a good product, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of them!

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