seagatenas110_07Storing and backing up your files on a USB or eSATA hard drive is an important part of computer use today. If you are like a good portion of computer users today, you have multiple computers. Wouldn't it be great to be able to backup your files from all of your PCs and access them from any computer on your network? That is where NAS (network attached storage) comes in to the picture. Today we are looking at Seagate's BlackArmor NAS 110. We have already been impressed with Seagate's storage products in past and I am curious to see if they can uphold that standard with their NAS product line.

Product Name: Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110

Review Sample Provided by: Seagate

Review by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes



Product Dimensions

Horiz x Vert x Depth - 2.40”x 6.90” x 5.80” (61.00mm x 176.00mm x 147.00mm)

Weight: 2.71lbs (1.22kg)

Technical Specifications


• 1 internal SATA II port

• 2 USB 2.0 host ports

• 1 RJ45 Ethernet port (Gigabit)

Network Protocols


Network Authentication

Microsoft Windows® Server Active Directory

File Sharing Protocols


Volume Management

• Share management

• Volume level encryption

• Share/folder-level access control list (ACL) support

• Quotas setting

Disk Management

• Multi-volume management

• SMART status monitor

• Drive standby mode

Backup Management

•   Local backup

(USB device to NAS, NAS to USB device)

• Network NAS to NAS backup

•   Client system backup, Bare Metal Restore

(full-system recovery) over network

• OneTouch® USB storage device backup

Event Management

Event email notifcation

Media Streaming

• iTunes  server

• DLNA® compliant digital media server

Download Server

Downloader (HTTP and FTP)

Remote Access

Seagate Global Access™ service

Software Requirements

PC On Network

Mac On Network

• Pentium  III, 500MHz equivalent processor or higher

• Microsoft Windows® XP or Microsoft Vista® OS

•   Internet Explorer

® 6.0 browser or later, or Firefox™ 2.X

browser or later (for management interface and web access)

• 256MB RAM

• Mac OS  X 10.4.11 OS or later

• Apple® Safari

® 3.1 browser or later

System Requirements

• Local area network (LAN)

• Internet connection (for system updates and web access)

•   Wired or wireless router with an available 10/100/1000

Ethernet port

• USB printer or USB disk drive (optional)

Inside the Box

• BlackArmor NAS 110 storage server

• 2M – RJ45 cable

• AC power cord

• Quick Start Guide

• CD-ROM with

– BlackArmor

® Discovery Software for Windows® OS

– BlackArmor

® Discovery Software for Mac® OS

–   BlackArmor

® Backup Software for Windows OS

(5 licenses*)

– Online registration link

– Warranty information card

*Additional licenses available for purchase at


Model Number





2 TB


Height (max)

176 mm (6.90 inches)

Width (max)

61 mm (2.40 inches)

Length (max)

147 mm (5.80 inches)

Weight (typical)

1220 grams (2.71 pounds)

Spindle Speed

7200 rpm


The BlackArmor NAS 110 was boxed up in recycled cardboard with a black diamond plate design on it. The black diamond plate is a perfect match with the BlackArmor name. The back has both a picture of the connections and of the software for the drive. To go along with the pictures they included a few short descriptions of the NAS 110's features. Inside I was surprised to find the drive packed up in a plastic shell, with the recycled cardboard on the outside, I expected something a little more environmentally friendly. Inside the box along with the drive itself, Seagate has included both the power and Ethernet cables you need to get it setup as well as instructions and a setup disc.


seagatenas110_02 seagatenas110_03 seagatenas110_04 seagatenas110_05


With the BlackArmor NAS 110 hooked up to my home network and the power cord plugged in the NAS110 was  up and running. In fact, that's all it took to get things up and running. Seagate included their normal backup software with the NAS 110 along with what they call their "Discovery tool". The only software I was really interested in was the built in website that controls all of the NAS 110's functionality. A few examples of the NAS 110's numerous features include a fully functional Printer Manager, Wiki Server and even a Media Server. With it being an NAS, I wanted to see how well it would perform compared to just adding another drive to my PC.


seagatenas110_14 seagatenas110_16 seagatenas110_17



seagatenas110_06 seagatenas110_08

To test the BlackArmor NAS 110's file transfer performance I put together a collection of videos and pictures in a folder and timed the transfers from an SSD to the NAS 110 and then back again using a full gigabyte network and 100Mb network. The PC to PC testing was from the SSD to a 1TB Seagate drive and back again,  just for comparison purposes. The folder was 3.22 GB in size with 1,053 files in it. Here are the results.


As you can see there was a substantial difference between each of the tests. Of course, PC to PC testing was going to be much higher than the same transfer over the network. I was really surprised with the performance of the NAS when using the full gigabyte network, it wasn't long ago that those numbers would have been with hard drive to hard drive transfers. The impressive thing that the testing doesn't show is that even on the 100Mb network I had no trouble streaming video or moving files around to the NAS 110. In fact, with the drive setup as a network drive you would never know it is sitting in another room.


seagatenas110_10 seagatenas110_11 seagatenas110_12


After all of my testing I was impressed with the performance of Seagate's BlackArmor NAS 110. This is a perfect solution for a household with multiple computers/notebooks. You can access your files as if they were on the very computer you are using all the while being able to transfer files around at a decent speed. Now, you may be asking. "Why not just share your files on your main desktop?" The answer is that using an NAS in general will give you the ability to keep your power hungry rigs turned off when you're not using them while still allowing you to stream important files when needed thus saving electricity and your money. Where the BlackArmor NAS 110 really stands out is with the built in controls. These give you the ability to setup specific users/groups to keep your personal files personal and your public files public. Another interesting feature is the ability to plug in two other USB drives or printers to gain extra storage space or share a USB printer across your network.

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