A few weeks ago we did a review on the Steel Series I-2 glass mouse pad. Now we are at it again with Razer’s newly released mouse pad, The Destructor. Razer is known for putting out quality products for the gaming community. In order to stay in touch with the gaming community they have been known to hire mostly gamers. They also get very involved in the professional gaming community as you can see HERE. Razer has gone as far as getting involved with Video Games Live recently. So today we are going to find out if being in touch with the gaming community helps product a better product. We will also find out how the destructor compares to my everyday mouse pad also made by Razer, the eXactMat. Read more after the jump

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Opening it up

The first thing that stands out with the Destructor is the large case that it comes in. Until now, I’ve never seen a mouse pad that came with a case to store it in. I guess we will find out if this is just gimmick of if it will come in handy.

As with every Razer product, they haven’t skimped on the packaging, it’s always great to see when a company takes pride in every part of there product, including how it looks on the shelf. The front of the packaging includes a picture of the mouse pad with a Razer mouse on it. The destructor logo is made of a reflective material making is stand out. It’s also pointed out that the mouse pad should make your laser mouse track 37% better.

The back of the packaging includes two graphs showing the dpi improvement the Destructor will give you over three gaming mouse pads and a table top. There are also 4 quotes from pro gamers that had input in the development along with there pictures.

Laying my old eXactMat on top of the Destructor you can see the size difference. It’s good to see that the basic shape is the same; the shape has proven for me to be great in game. This also means that the gel pad that fits under the exact-mat will work with the Destructor.

Living with it

After living and gaming with the pad for a few weeks it’s easy to tell that Razer as put together a quality product. The first thing I noticed was how smooth the g5mouse slides across the pad. It’s so smooth that after a little while you don’t even notice the pad. You don’t want to have to think about your mouse pad while in game.

Tracking is very good in game. I noticed a small improvement over the exact-mat, and a major improvement over any standard pad. Out of game, the pad passes our Photoshop test where we outline around multiple items looking for any tracking issues.


Most people don’t get exited about mouse pads. I consider myself a mouse and mouse pad snob. I have to admit that when Razer announced they would be bringing out a new pad I was a little exited. Now that I’ve seen it in person and lived with it for a few weeks, I don’t feel as bad about being exited. Razer has put out a quality product. From the packaging all the way to the case, you can tell they care about there products. I think it might be finally time to put away my eXactMat after two years and keep the Destructor. I hope it is as durable as the metal eXactmat. One thing that might turn some people away is the price. $40 for a mouse pad is crazy too some people. But it is definitely a quality product. You can learn more about it HERE.






Great case

Not too small




Not metal like the eXactMat

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