Graphics and Audio

Officially Blacklist runs on Unreal Engine 2.5 with standard Havok physics but the finished product looks much better then you’d expect. Lighting and shadows are placed well and while the action and pacing of the game don’t offer many opportunities to sit back and smell the roses, the graphics and environment surround you and make each mission seem like its own unique experience.

Blacklist 21

Blacklist 27

The graphical options are also robust from all of you tweakers. With five anti-aliasing options, the ability to run in either DirectX 10 or 11 and a load of other options there is a setup available to please you and run on a wide range of gaming systems.

Blacklist 6

Blacklist 7

Audio is equally quality in the game as you can wait in cover and listen to enemy conversations for queue and tip to help you throughout. Gunfire is loud and invigorating and the musical score is spot on. To get the most out of the sound presentation Blacklist offers, you can adjust the sound to your setup and your own liking.

Blacklist 5

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Stealth-action is back. Check out our Splinter Cell:Blacklist review.

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