Sam Fisher is back again with old friends and some new faces. The President has disbanded what remains of the corrupt Third Echelon and Sam has been getting along moonlighting and doing other spy things since we last left him at the end of Conviction. As the game kicks off Fisher and old pal, Victor Coste are taking off from a military base in Guam for what seems to be a basic mission when the base is unfortunately attacked, overthrown and destroyed by a well-organized force of enemies.

Blacklist 1

Blacklist 2

Blacklist 3

After eventually escaping at the cost of Vic’s health, it is revealed the attack was orchestrated by a group known as “The Engineers” and was just the first in a countdown of attacks aimed at the United States.  Like all good hostage takers, the Engineers have demands though theirs is quite simple, call back all American troops deployed abroad. Simple, really.

Blacklist 11

In response to these threats the President assembles a group, the newly minted Fourth Echelon. From aboard your mobile command center known as Paladin, Sam and team are tasked with using any means necessary to find and thwart the Engineers. Your first order of business is getting in touch with an old friend from Conviction for some possible leads.

Blacklist 13

Blacklist 12

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Stealth-action is back. Check out our Splinter Cell:Blacklist review.

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