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Overall I would like to say that Ravaged is a work in progress. There are many things that are done correctly, and even some things that I think they have done very well, but for each of those there is at least one that I have a problem with. I felt the back story was exceptional for an online only game, most companies would just give us our guns and let us go, but 2 Dawn has made us feel like a pivotal part of efforts of the Scavengers and Resistance. The vehicles are all very fun, but feel a bit unbalanced in the overall scheme of the game. The map and game types are all what we are used to with slight twists to fit the world that they take place in, however because of the severe lack of players it will be difficult to experience all that the game has to offer in terms of environments. Lastly, I feel like the graphics and audio are just mediocre at best, and both have some minor issues like dinging and lens flares that can be annoying after a prolonged amount of play. With that being said, I still think 2 Dawn is an awesome company, any developer who is willing to give a big middle finger to standard operating procedure and listen to what the fans want will always be great in my book.

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