From the very first moment you step into the shoes of Bruce Wayne it feels like you are a part of the game. You start off in cuffs and are very limited in what is possible, when your suit is delivered by Alfred however; it is a completely different story. From that moment forward you feel like The Batman.

Arkham City_10

Whether it is stringing together thirty hit combinations, or gliding from rooftop to rooftop and using your bat claw to pull yourself up, you ARE The Batman. Immediately you are given basic tools such as the bat claw, batarang, explosive gel, and a sequencer to help you start your journey into the city. The combat is such that different personalities will all have fun playing. You can play a stealthy Batman that is rarely seen, you can play an in your face rough and tumble Batman, or you can use all of your tools that you pick up to disarm, distract and disorient enemies while playing the tactical Batman. The health system is unique in that you lose bars of health every time you take damage, and only replenishes when you finish fighting groups of enemies. The amount of health that is replenished is dependent on how well you fought the last group of enemies. Even with these basic supplies and the very limited combat combos in the earlier parts of the game, you still feel like a super hero.

Arkham City_11

 A minor issue is that the combat for Catwoman and Batman feels the same. The movement is very different, and they approach combat differently (Catwoman being stealthy and Batman being in your face) but when it comes down to fighting multiple villains, it looks different but feels the same. As the game progresses and you level up and progress in the story you start to unlock more gadgets, powerups for your current gadgets, and health and armor upgrades for both characters. With these the game becomes easier and you are able to reach different and more complex parts of the city.

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