titleBorderlands. While most people know what the game is now, not many had heard of it before its release in 2009. It quickly became a smash hit and a household name with its clever writing, enjoyable gameplay, and its bazillion guns. With the sequel launching on September 18th this year, I saw my entire Steam friends list switch to Borderlands 2 only moments after its launch. Gearbox has done it again, I have only managed to quit playing the game long enough to write this review.


Game: Borderlands 2

Published by: 2K Games

Review Sample Provided by: Nvidia

Developed by: Gearbox Software

Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC (Review Sample)

Genre: First-person shooter, Role Playing

Release Date: September 18th, 2012

MSRP: $59.99 on all platforms

Written By: Brennon

Screenshots By: Brennon and Wes


Borderlands 2 takes place five years after the events of the first Borderlands game. The original vault hunters successfully opened the vault, and there was much more to it than met the eye. In the years since, an element known as Eridium has started sprouting up around Pandora. This element gives great power to both individuals and weapons, and with that it has attracted the attention of the Hyperion Corporation.

Borderlands2 9

Within minutes of the game, the Hyperion leader known as Handsome Jack leaves the new vault hunters for dead after blowing up the train that they were on. The new vault hunters are rescued by a Claptrap unit that happens to be much more annoying than our friend from the first game. After getting back on their feet, the new vault hunter starts on their quest that will lead them to meet old friends, new enemies, and a bigger and more legendary vault.

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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #28121 29 Sep 2012 01:29
Congrats to Brennon on his first review
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Lersar replied the topic: #28122 29 Sep 2012 02:25
I need to play this! Very well done article Fildy!
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Satansoul replied the topic: #28123 29 Sep 2012 02:49
Awesome job!
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Wooderson replied the topic: #28125 29 Sep 2012 05:31
Way to go! The article is very descriptive and an entertaining read. Once again great job!
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Myndmelt replied the topic: #28135 01 Oct 2012 04:45
Nice job on the review Brennon! I can't wait to play this game now.
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Myndmelt replied the topic: #28231 15 Oct 2012 21:55
This game is BOSS.

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