The vast majority of individuals who put their MGS4 disc into their system had been waiting for it since Hideo Kojima announced it as the final chapter of Solid Snake. Being the first in the series to be on the current next-gen systems, expectations were all the more elevated. There are few sequels that actually deliver on such prospects, especially when carrying on a storyline that has spanned over seven titles. Guns of the Patriots is really nothing new; same Snake, same stealth action, same particularly loud sound blip to let you know that yes, they’ve seen you. Which is one of the most impressive aspects of the game: its still an unbelievable experience. In an era of sequels, developers attempt to pull gamers back to a series by introducing some new aspect of gameplay, which usually ends up second-rate. MGS4 may not revolutionary, but fans of the series didn’t necessarily want something new. Besides, the series has already established itself as leader in the stealth genre. The only two features that have seen some adjustment are the camera view (Guns of the Patriots takes a more first-person view) and, of course, the graphics.


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The plot picks up from MGS2, opening with Old Snake sneaking through a battle-torn Middle East. The year is 2014, where nanotechnology has become a vital part everyday war. It doesn’t take long for the story to take off; Solid’s location, Snake’s rapid aging condition, and the introduction of an old friend are all introduced within the first half hour of gameplay. The environment is, for the most part, completely open for exploration; there are some limitations, but Guns of the Patriots does a great job of allowing numerous paths to pursue. For instance, at one point Snake must avoid snipers that have taken position on rooftops in a particular section of alleys. After surveying the options, the player could climb a ladder to a balcony, crawl under an overturned car to a new part of the area, or leap through a window into an abandoned building. Any of the three ends up taking Snake closer to his objective, and each provide a new, different obstacle to overcome.

The controls are classic Metal Gear Solid style, which run very smooth. There are numerous actions Snake can perform at any given moment, and Kojima Productions does a great job of making them easy and available. Snake is also introduced to Metal Gear Mk. II, a drone developed by Otacon that accompanies him on his missions, providing transmissions and quick transactions with your arms dealer. It can even be directly controlled by the player to help scout out an area. The new Solid Eye provides several vision modes and a handy item locater. To even further aid Snake in his infiltration, Otacon has equipped his armor with an active camouflage dubbed Octocamo. Simply stay put a few moments in one area to allow your suit to blend in with the current surroundings.

The storyline itself is another significant reason why MGS4 released with such anticipation. As the conclusion of Solid Snake’s saga, every area conquered brings the player one step closer to having all the questions answered. MGS has been a chronicle that has seen humor, twists, and countless conflicts. Guns of the Patriots doesn’t let it’s predecessors down; there are plenty of aspects to keep any gamer from putting the controller down.

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