titleA whole room packed full of people who share similar interests, dress up in amazing Cosplay, and different artist and stars available to meet. For some of you Comic Con isn’t anything new. Those from large cities like LA are used to having a local Comic Con. Those of us in the middle of nowhere typically don’t have events like this. Lucky for me, a few hours away we do have the Mid-Ohio Comic Con once a year. Alex and I took the day and went down to check out what it was all about this weekend. As you can expect, we came back with lots of photos of the Cosplay and just maybe a few story’s as well.

Written by: Wes

Pictures by: Wes and Alex

After about a 2 and a half hour drive, we hit the city of Columbus. We parked the car and hit the ground running, excited for the show. The show itself was at the farthest point in the convention center, so we actually spent a while walking before even getting to the show itself. But we did find out that Linuxfest was running at the same exact time right next door. What an interesting blend of geekyness! We didn’t need a map to find our way to the show though, even from the parking lot we just had to follow everyone dressed up in their cosplay. I actually saw a guy in full medieval gear dismounting from his trusty Honda in the parking lot even!

comiccon2012 3

comiccon2012 4

comiccon2012 1


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garfi3ld's Avatar
garfi3ld replied the topic: #28138 01 Oct 2012 13:22
For those who couldn't make it and for those who made it and hope to see themselves! We can't wait for next year. Enjoy our coverage
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Davey_Boy replied the topic: #28139 01 Oct 2012 21:20
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Fildy replied the topic: #28140 01 Oct 2012 22:00
Thank You! I knew it was the super hero from the Doug Funny cartoons, but I couldn't remember a name :(
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Wooderson replied the topic: #28141 01 Oct 2012 23:21
Looks like a great time! I have to go next year.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #28142 02 Oct 2012 00:33

Davey_Boy wrote: IT'S FUCKING QUAIL BOY!!

corrected it, thank you :)

I knew I had seen him before but couldn't think of it.
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Lersar replied the topic: #28143 02 Oct 2012 04:37
Looking forward to more coverage like this!

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