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It's been a long crazy road from years ago when AMD was pushing out Bulldozer based CPUs, to the launch of Ryzen, and now with the new Zen 3 based CPUs, they have finally caught up with Intel on the IPC side of things. This was the final thing needed to push Ryzen over the edge as their price and performance has been amazing with just single-core performance holding them back. In my testing, the 5600X which is AMD's lowest-end Zen 3 CPU right now performed near the top of the charts across the board. Even blowing Intel’s flagship 10900K away in TF2 which has had Intel at the top forever now. The 5600X was ahead in every one of the single-core or single thread tests I ran, even though the 6 cores weren’t enough to pass some of the high thread count CPUs in the highly multi-core tests.

Beyond the performance, the Ryzen 5 5600X did well for power usage as well as temperatures when compared to the i5-10600K. The 5600X even comes with the Wraith Stealth cooler where the 10600K doesn’t come with a cooler at all. One of my only complaints and this isn’t exclusive to the 5600X at all, but I do wish that you wouldn’t need to run an expensive 240mm AIO cooler to see the best possible performance out of the CPU. But do keep that in mind, if you run the included cooler or any air cooler that isn’t huge you will be giving up a little bit in performance. It won’t overheat, Ryzen CPUs do a great job of keeping that under control.

Beyond that, the other downside to the Ryzen 5 5600X is the availability and again this isn’t exclusive to the 5600X at all. Like all of the new GPUs and both new game consoles, the new Zen 3 CPUs are just extremely hard to find. So I guess us being late to the Zen 3 coverage isn’t all bad. A lot of people will be looking for them going into the new year. Especially with the MSRP that AMD has given the 5600X. It comes in at $299 which is a little higher than the i5-10600K which is $269. But you do get a cooler and more importantly it blows the 10600K out of the water in nearly every performance test. This is the new sweet spot for gamers in my opinion. Once availability free’s up you will be able to build a monster gaming PC for half of the cost that PS5s are being scalped for currently and for less than one RTX 3090 would run you.


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